This highly acclaimed ebook examines the sophisticated world of Economics & Taxes – of which, are anything but simplistic. Tax cuts pay for themselves and more! One example:


In the year 1997, the Capital gains tax rate was 29.19% and collected $79,305,000,000 (Seventy-nine Billion, Three hundred five Million Dollars) in tax revenue for federal government. However, if you fast forward to the year 2007, the Capital gains tax rate was 15.73% and it collected $137,141,000,000 (One hundred thirty-seven Billion, One hundred forty-one Million Dollars) in tax revenue for federal government.

Year: 1997 Capital gains tax rate was 29.19%, and produced $79,305,000,000 in federal tax revenue.
Year: 2007 Capital gains tax rate was 15.73%, and produced $137,141,000,000 in federal tax revenue…..
U.S. Dept. of the Treasury; Tax Policy Center.


No, this is not a misprint. How is this possible you ask? Author Dennis L Binder Jr explains this phenomenon (among others) with a meticulous format so that anyone can understand.

Taxation, the Economy & Individual Freedom

  • In Ch. 1, 2 & 14: Learn how – Tax increases applied to the Wealthy, are absorbed by the Middle Class & Working ..Poor!
  • A 15.0% ‘flat tax’ applied to All income earners – creates jobs, increases tax revenue & grows the economy (in Ch. 5).
  • In Ch. 5 & 18: Discover how – a 15.0% ‘flat tax’ (a 40% cut in the income tax RATE – for the Middle Class) would ..yield up to an additional $10,000 in ‘take home’ pay for the average wage earner!
  • Tax Cuts DO pay for themselves – and much more! Demonstrated in Ch. 5 & 18
  • In Ch. 6: Read how The U.S. Constitution gives ‘The American People’ PRIORITY over Federal Govt.
  • Does the Earth’s atmosphere purify itself? Yes it does! Ch. 7
  • How to reduce ‘overcrowding’ in America’s cities. Ch. 9
  • Learn how Rural America can return to ‘the good ole days’. Ch. 9
  • America’s greatest strength: Individual Freedom & Self-reliance. Ch. 13 & 15
  • Discover how Capitalism Nurtures people & Animals! And how Anti-Capitalism yields starvation! Ch.16
  • Learn ‘superior alternatives’ to ‘street protests’. Ch. 17
  • How America, can motivate ‘Self-Deportation’ among illegal immigrants! Ch. 18

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